About us

Bright Culture is a creative consultancy working across the cultural sector.

Bright Culture’s consultants are knowledgeable and passionate about culture. We support organisations to build relationships with their audiences, develop high quality opportunities for engagement with arts and heritage, and bring to life the stories of people and places, past, present and future.

Based in London, Brighton and Lincoln, we offer local knowledge and experience, combined with a broader perspective gained through working across the UK. We bring to our work a collective vision and passion, and a belief that engagement with culture enriches lives.

Our Approach

People standing on a beach looking at a man holding a sign up. A Bright Culture consultation event.

Our work starts with people: putting ‘people first’ and responding to their interests and needswhether they be staff, volunteers or audiences. We are committed to producing high quality outputs with sustainable benefits, through collaboration with audiences, organisations and artists.

In order to support each other and those we work with effectively, we have developed principles that reflect our motivation and values.

Genuine & Passionate

It’s about making a difference. We are motivated by empowering people in their development, and supporting them in the realisation of their goals or work.

Collaborative & Consultative

It’s all about people. We are committed to valuing and understanding different perspectives, identifying and working towards a common purpose.


It’s about thinking imaginatively. We champion curiosity, embrace new ways of working and are open minded in how we engage with ideas and people.


Committed to high standards. We produce detailed, rigorous, and responsive work that is delivered and completed to high standards.

Outcome Focused

Making things happen. We work with partners and clients to develop clear and realistic objectives that lead to ambitious outcomes.

Continuously Learning

We have a thirst for learning and are excited by environments that challenge and stretch us. We seek opportunities to enhance knowledge, engage in debate and share experiences.

A group of young people, one in a wheelchair, outside an old building.