Action Learning

Action Learning is a robust process of thinking and problem-solving. It involves reflection, open thinking, and taking action.

The process promotes fresh thinking, new ways of looking at and dealing with situations and is, as the name suggests, action-orientated. It supports the idea that people have an unlimited capacity to learn from experience and that learning is a continuous process that is best achieved with an open mind, and an ability to listen and reflect.


The action learning set sessions have been inspiring and fulfilling - as well as highlighting challenges and areas for growth. There has been an ease with the rhythm of the sessions - which has been supported by a gentle and quiet containment and support of the process through the facilitation. Catherine has thoughtfully and attentively held the space with her presence as a facilitator. Her astute, insightful comments, questions, and reflections have helped to guide and set a pace - and along with her kind and considerate demeanor she has supported a really safe and explorative environment for us to work in. Her listening skills are a really palpable part of this.

Action Learning Set Member  

The Process

Action Learning takes place in a small, facilitated group (or Set) of people (normally 6-8 people) who come together to offer support and challenge with the intention of moving issues and challenges forward. It provides a safe space where Set members support the person in gaining new and more in-depth understanding of a problem, topic, or challenge.

In Sets, members are exposed to different learning styles and alternative approaches to problem-solving. These can bring fresh insight and lead to the discovery of new solutions. Benefits include: providing space for ‘out-loud’ thinking and learning, being listened to without interruption, changes to approaches and behaviours, and testing out new techniques and ideas.

Catherine is a trained Action Learning Facilitator (find more about her action learning journey in our blog) and can work with you to understand and agree on how an Action Learning Set could benefit your organisation, team or project.  She can support you in recruiting Set members, as well as facilitating sessions, modelling the questioning process and providing a safe and supportive space for those involved.


Free initial chat

If you would like to explore how Action Learning could help you, your team, project or organisation, then please get in touch to set up a free initial 30-minute call to discuss.


Learning Sets normally meet for half a day at a time and can take place via video call or in-person.


A varying pricing scale is available for the voluntary, cultural or voluntary sector between £400-£700 per day.