St Peter’s, Preston Park

Bright Culture supported the Friends of St Peter’s with their successful NLHF application.

Outside of 13th century church

St Peter’s, Preston Park, is a 13th century, II* listed church now cared for by the Churches Conservation Trust. The Friends of St Peter’s looks after the church on a day to day basis and wished to raise money to conserve the early-20th century stencilling in the chancel.

Over a five month period (2016/17), Esther worked with the Friends of St Peter’s Preston Park to develop and write an application to the NLHF to fund the conservation work and related engagement activities. The Friends is a voluntary group with no previous experience in developing funding applications, so Esther supported the group in growing their understanding of the NLHF’s priorities and grant-making process.

The application for £64,000 was successful and work started on the project in October 2017. Esther is continuing to support the group in a voluntary capacity.

Man holding a stencil up against a wall
Paul Humphreys demonstrates the use of a stencil.
Colour photo of the inside of a church, looking towards a simple altar and stained glass window.
The chancel of St Peter's, Preston Park