Project Mentoring & Delivery

In 2018, Bright Culture were commissioned to support the team at St Margaret’s Church, Thimbleby with the delivery of their National Lottery Heritage Fund project.

View looking up a flight of steps towards a church door with window and spire above.

St Margaret’s is a small church in the village of Thimbleby, close to Horncastle in Lincolnshire. The village is well known for its heritage and collection of mud and stud cottages, built before 1600 with a connection to the first English settlement in Jamestown, Virginia.

The team at St Margaret’s Church were delivering a Heritage Fund project for the first time and required project mentor support in the delivery of their Activity Plan. Lisa guided the team through delivery by providing support in event planning, working with contractors, developing interpretation including a guidebook, children’s trail and information panels, marketing and promotion, and evaluation.

Lisa also worked with the team in the development of several community activities to involve the whole village in the project.

The project at Thimbleby was a great success, the church which had been forced to close, is now safe and secure with critical building work undertaken and a series of new activities, guidebooks and trails have been created to encourage a wider audience to visit. These resources now provide new ways that people can learn about the history of the church and the village. The team also gained confidence in delivering events, taking part in national event programmes and creating interpretation.