Reflections and Future Collaborations

Four years ago, three ex-colleagues working as freelance consultants in the arts & heritage sector met in London for a coffee. We talked at length about the industry and working as a consultant. We agreed we missed the collaboration, sharing ideas and support that working in a team brings; but we loved the flexibility, the variety and challenges of this way of working. That meeting was the first of many, where we talked about our values, interests and vision for the future; and after many conversations and many, many coffees (sometimes wine!) Bright Culture was born.

Bright Culture is a creative consultancy working across the cultural sector, operating as a professional limited liability partnership (LLP) with three founding partners. Our work cuts across both the arts and heritage sector, with a focus on audiences and developing high quality engagement with culture. At the heart of our work is our desire to bring to life the complex stories of people and places, past, present and future. We are excited by activity that encourages transformation, change and growth be that at an individual or organisational level and which brings together arts and heritage.

There have been many successful, diverse & interesting projects working as a team, individually and with associates. Projects have taken us across the country, utilising our strength that we are based in London, Brighton & Lincolnshire. But now we are ready for the next stage with new challenges exploring opportunities for collaboration and growth and following our passions a bit more closely.

We want to develop our consultancy practice in audience development, learning, mentoring and evaluation, to continue supporting community organisations and larger scale institutions and clients. But also, expanding to develop and explore Bright Culture’s own practice-led research within arts & heritage, particularly embracing ideas around co-curation and sharing authority.  With the desire that over the next three to five year period we will be developing strands of activity, projects and research in response to the theme Inside/Outside. Using the theme as a starting point for inspiration, debate and creative development that will run in parallel to our consultancy.

Our aspirations are big and our will power is strong, but we need to meet other great like-minded people who are interested in exploring the potential for collaboration & building connections- maybe becoming an associate, a friend or an expert advisor. Experience has shown there are many ways of working together and we are open to exploring these.

Maybe you are looking to be involved in larger consultancy projects, working as a team, with people with complementary expertise.  Or you may be interested in developing your own delivery and dusting off some engagement skills. Or maybe it’s a bit of both.

If any of this chimes with you & where you are at then drop us a line. If we don’t know each other than tell us a bit about where you are on your professional journey, what you’re looking for and what would excite you. Then we can take it from there, a chat on the phone, a coffee etc.  If you’re an old friend, then we would love to hear from you too!

I’m hoping in the run up to Christmas, I’ll be trying our all the different festive coffee flavours!