Category: Professional Development

An Action Learning Convert

When people are genuinely energised by and interested in change, development and growth; and are willing to be open to challenge and actively listen to others, then amazing things really can and do happen. Action learning is successful approach that can support this happening.

Reflections and Future Collaborations

Four years in, there have been many successful, diverse and interesting projects for Bright Culture. Now we are ready for the next stage with new challenges & passions. Our aspirations are big, and our will power is strong, but we need to meet other great like-minded people who are interested in exploring the potential for collaboration & building connections.

Market Town Museums’ Network: ‘Professional Oxygen’

When you start a project, you never quite know where it’s going to go and what it will actually achieve. All too often a project comes and than goes with limited impact left behind.  However, occasionally a project really takes flight, achieves so much more than was initially anticipated and goes on to grow beyond its initial bounds.

A Display Case for Bright Culture

A website may be your shop window or your display cabinet, to use a more museum-friendly metaphor, but it can be a difficult one to set-up, keep tidy and make reflective of the breadth of your work.