Conisbrough Castle

Bright Culture worked with English Heritage, over a 11-month period during 2016 to provide external evaluation of activity undertaken as part of the large scale redevelopment of Conisbrough Castle, funded by the NLHF.

castle with keep

The project at Conisbrough Castle in South Yorkshire set out to: conserve the site, improve and create visitor facilities, interpretation and opportunities to get involved at the castle. The team were keen to involve the local community in all aspects of the project bringing about a step-change in how people view and interact with the castle.

Bright Culture was contracted to evaluate the impact of the Conisbrough Castle redevelopment project on visitor interaction with the site; by undertaking both new evaluation activity and analysing existing evidence that had been collected during the project. Our focus was to draw upon evidence collected through a range of different outputs and methods, to understand: the impact the project had on its audiences and stakeholders, along with the outcomes- both intended and unexpected.

Our work involved devising and undertaking consultation and collecting feedback from visitors, volunteers, staff, partners and the local community. Methods undertaken included: developing an online survey, undertaking stakeholder interviews, focus group sessions and vox pop interviews. Quantitative and Qualitative evidence and data gathered, was analysed and the consultancy concluded with the provision of an Evaluation Report suitable for the NLHF.

people looking at hologram on stone castle wall
Family consultation session.