Rediscovering Dartford Museum

Rediscovering Dartford Museum was a project undertaken in 2015 to support the Council in building local audiences for the town’s museum.

Large, red wheel from an old fire engine.

Dartford Borough Council commissioned Bright Culture to identify, understand and develop knowledge of Dartford Museum's audiences including both current users and non-users, in order to inform future development plans.

The work included the development and delivery of community consultation with a range of target audiences, including current museum visitors through focus group sessions; local teachers via an online survey and people who don’t visit through a pop-up consultation in the local shopping centre, where passers-by were invited to learn more about the museum and give feedback.

The project also included comparator analysis with a number of similar museums and the provision and analysis of baseline visitor data. The project was completed by the submission of an Audience Research Report which explored the use of the museum for current and potential users and included recommendations for future engagement opportunities.

Display cabinets and board.
Dartford Museum