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An Action Learning Convert

When people are genuinely energised by and interested in change, development and growth; and are willing to be open to challenge and actively listen to others, then amazing things really can and do happen. Action learning is successful approach that can support this happening.

The Generator Consultation

The Generator Loughborough is an exciting project to restore and reuse the town’s old College of Art and Design. Bright Culture is undertaking consultation to find out how the local community would like to engage with the space in the future.

Buildings vs Landscapes

One of the reasons I got into heritage is because I really love old buildings, everything from grand stately homes to castle ruins to terraced houses. I like features - pillars and porticos, chimneys and bricks, door bells and boot scrapers, the extravagant and lavish to the practical and functional. So when I first started working on projects at Cannock Chase AONB in Staffordshire, I wasn’t sure how I would respond to a landscape rather than a building.

Reflections and Future Collaborations

Four years in, there have been many successful, diverse and interesting projects for Bright Culture. Now we are ready for the next stage with new challenges & passions. Our aspirations are big, and our will power is strong, but we need to meet other great like-minded people who are interested in exploring the potential for collaboration & building connections.

A Really Good Family Welcome

At Bright Culture we spend a lot of time working with organisations developing activities and programmes that will attract families. We often consult with families first, taking them around sites and talking to them about what they both expect and need to enjoy a visit. Whilst every family is different and walks into a site with a range of different expectations I think there is one fundamental every site can offer, and that’s a really good welcome.